RFP Search

& Report 

A search of multiple government databases, seperated by industry and your company's keywords.


Subcontractor List

Our subcontractor marketing program which allows our clients to be referred to our vast network of buyers.



A detailed summation of a specific government RFP you are interested in.



A team of professionals handle each stage of your RFP to completion or as needed.


Model Improvement

A customized report which outlines ideas, strategies, and best practices specific to your company.



A one on one consultation with a business management specialist to address specific company needs.



RFP Search & Report 

We utilize the latest technology and databases to montior over 100,000 sources daily for government bid opportunities, and we conduct these searches based upon the industry and the desired products or services. We then compile the data, organize it for our clients, and send the data directly to your inbox. This process saves you the time and hassle of conducting your own search, and keeps you informed of bid opporutnites in a timely manner.

Opportunity Summary

Your Bid Team will compile a wealth of information on the RFP of your choice, including requirements, deadlines, contract award terms, subcontractor and set-aside requirements, and a comprehensive list of other solicitation details that will assist you in quickly evaluating an RFP so that your company can make a sound, well informed decision on whether or not to bid on a particular solicitation. This service is available as a stand-alone and in our comprehensive, money-saving packages.

Proposal Development

This service is ideal for companies who are ready to pursue a bid, and would like to take advantage of having our expert team prepare the packet from beginning to end. Our experts will take your proposal through our 24-point checklist to ensure that every detail has been attended to and every requirement has been met. Our project manager will oversee the entire project to ensure that a clear, complete, and compliant response is submitted on your behalf.

Preferred Subcontractor List

Your Bid Team is in contact with a plethora of government agencies and buyers across the country, and we often come across opportunities to refer subcontractors to vendors who need to meet certain goals or requirements. Our Preferred Subcontractor List is compiled of vendors from a wide range of industries whom we have pre-qualified through our quality control team, and refer for opportunities as they arise. This plan may boost your contract revenues by 40% or more.

Business Model Improvement

Our Business Model Improvement (BMI) Proposal is a must-have for any company who is looking to increase revenues, efficiencies, and results by way of improving in-house strategies and procedures. Our BMI Proposal is a 10 to 20 page improvement  process which is specifically tailored to your company based on your website, interview questions, and other data we compile about your organization. Once completed, you can execute the steps on your own, or hire a business consultant to assist you in executing your plan.

Business Consulting

Whether you are a start up company in the early stages, or an established organization looking for creative ways to improve your processes and infrastructure, Your Bid Team can provide you with a seasoned Business Consultant to address the specific needs of your business. From processes and policies, to training models and marketing methods, tour Business Consultant will be available to prepare your company for contract procurement and even assist with post-award actions. 


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