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We receive several questions every day from business owners like you who want to learn more about the products and services we offer at Your Bid Team, and we want to make sure that we are answering your inquiries as clearly and completely as we can. Take a look at some of the more common questions we receive, and feel free to contact us if you have addition questions for us.

Frequently asked questions

Your Bid Team services

What is the benefit of using Your Bid Team versus conducting my search and proposal writing in-house?

There are many benefits to hiring Your Bid Team to handle your proposal services, including the fact that Your Bid Team is comprised of experts who are highly seasoned in the RFP and procurement industry, and this expertise allows us to take advantage of opportunities that may not be readily apparent. In addition, there are thousands of RFP opportunities made available on a daily basis, and attempting to comb through the wide number of opportunities on your own can be challenging, confusing, and time consuming. Your Bid Team gives you the ability to have a team of dedicated professionals to endure this work for you so that you and your staff can concentrate on your core tasks.

What sets Your Bid Team apart from your competitors?

The advantage of Your Bid Team is that we give personalized service to each client, which means that we send a list of available RFPs that are customized to the services and needs of your business. Most of our competitors will send a generic list of available RFPs to the client, without looking beyond thier core competencies to uncover RFP opportunities that may not be as obvious. Our personal touch could mean the difference in your ability to find out about an available opportunity.

How many government opportunities are available for me to choose from?

On an average day, the government issues an average of 3000 to 5000 leads that are available to bid on across all industries. The availability of these opportunities to your company depends on the industry and the capabilities of your organization.

What industry does Your Bid Team serve?

The experts at Your Bid Team are proficient at the process of researching, vetting, formatting, and meeting compliance for RFPs in any industry. This process is consistent no matter what industry you serve. When it is time to create and develop your RFP, our team will gather information on the specifics of your company and the services you provide. We will use this information to produce an RFP that is customized to reflect the capabilities of your organization, and as we continue to develop multiple RFPs for your company we will aslo create templates that we can use for future procurement bids. We are Your Bid Team in any industry you belong to.

What criteria does Your Bid Team use when searching for RFPs for my company?

At Your Bid Team, we start each client off by having them comple the free Client Assessment. This allows us to gain a basic understanding of your company's capabilities and your current ability to manage government contracts. We then have a one-on-one meeting which allows us to develop a more thorough, in-depth understanding of your comapny. Once these steps are completed, we use this information to uncover the obvious RFP opportunities available to your organization along with the opporutnities that may be more obscure or harder to find.

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