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meet these combined goals without overloading budgets. It was upon this realization that Your Bid Team was founded.

Our company is comprised of an army of seasoned proposal managers, proposal writers, compliance/quality assurance managers, business development specialists,  graphic design professionals, expert project managers, and other key roles that are necessary to support our clients at any and every stage of the procurement process.


What sets us apart from our competition is our network of professionals and our ability to provide these services utilizing state-of-the-art technology combined with years of stellar experience and professionalism, and best of all our ability to provide these services at a rate that is affordable for your company no matter what stage of the process you are facing. 

As a team of former business owners, the leaders of Your Bid Team have been through the rigorous process of bidding on government procurement opportunities for over twenty years. After maneuvering this often complex process of pursuing bids we recognized an overwhelming need in the marketplace: a clear resource to provide coherent and competent direction, adequate resources to find and respond to live bids in a timely manner, the expertise to compile all of the data and documents needed to meet the requirement of the bid, and a team who can

We Have the Formula to Build a Winning Team!

When you hire Your Bid Team, you inherit an entire lineup of professionals who share a common goal of ensuring your quest towards acquiring a government contract is fulfilled. The main driver behind our success is the ability to pair our clients with the correct professionals whose experience and expertise match the client's needs. Here we list the core group of individuals who make up the teams we assign to each project, although we also utilize other key players as needed who may not be listed here.

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Our teams are comprised of:

The proposal writers are the architects who bring  together the language and verbiage of your proposal, and this individual works very closely with the proposal manager, who is the individual who oversees the entire process of compiling  your proposal and ensuring that each section and metric is met on a timely basis. At Your Bid Team we engage only the most reputable proposal writers, and our proposal managers have no less than 5 years of experience in managing this process. Our proposal writers are skillful at presenting your organization in the most favorable light.

Proposal Writers/Managers

Each government proposal contains specific requirements regarding the contents of your submission, formatting, state and federal guidelines, and other meticulous details. Missing just one detail could result in your entire proposal  being rejected. The Compliance officers at Your Bid Team are proficient at identifying each requirement of your proposal down to the finest detail, and our Quality Assurance managers have the sole job of reviewing each element of your proposal to ensure 100% adherence to the contracting office requirements.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

The business development team will assist you with all aspects of your company's infrastructure as needed to pursue your contract and position your company for success. Our business development team is knowledgeable about the intricacies of meeting the RFP demands and will often present innovative solutions to resolve issues more effectively and efficiently. The business development managers are also instrumental in developing and maintaining relationships with government agencies, and will help your company bridge the gap between your organization and the buyer. 

Business  Development

Our printing and graphics team is instrumental in crafting the look and image of your proposal. Our team is well educated in the latest state-of-the-art printing and graphics software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and a host of other programs that will enhance the design of your presentation and ensure that the first impression of anyone who reviews your document will be a lasting impression. This team will also take charge of any printing and delivery needs you have should the government agency require any hard copy submissions.


Our team consists mainly of these professionals along with a few other key players, and the size of the RFP, the complexity of the response, and the readiness of the client dictate exactly which resources are needed. The dilligent work of these combined work teams lead to...

Increased success for your organization!





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